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Email Marketing with Emarketing Scotland have a simple workable Marketing Plan for YOUR Business that actually works and is cost effective.

This Marketing Plan is suitable for Hotels, Inns, Pubs, Entertainment, Consulting, Training, Education, Fitness, Health Professionals, Legal Services, Estate Agents, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail, Travel & Tourism and many many more.

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'Any Size Of Business Can Benefit - Including Yours!'

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  • ‘Visit Dunfermline’, ‘It’s Not All Black And White’ and ‘Mary Queen Of Scots Festival’.
    “Having successfully built the Visit Dunfermline Brand I am now in the process of developing a new project creating the Mary Queen Of Scots Festival. Emarketing Scotland are in Partnership with myself on this project and they are brilliant with what they offer. Any business in Scotland or England should contact them who feel a need to boost their Marketing in a cost effective way. It actually works! ” Thomas Moffat.

  • “Having tried and been dissatisfied on several occasions with various website companies attempts to set up a platform on the internet for my music. I was, understandably,  reluctant to go through that whole process again. Now, I am so glad that I did – these guys have interacted from stage one right through to the present day on all aspects of the project, providing a personal and very professional service.”


  • “I use EMS its brilliant…… it lets me concentrate on my Music and EMS do the Marketing  –   just as it should be!”

  • “My Website is amazing. Just what I wanted as I control all the content. EMS ae now responsible for my Marketing which includes my Email Marketing and Social Media. Check Them Out – They Are Fantastic!”

  • Professional and Hassle Free. So important for a small business, Emarketing Scotland have been a saviour as they have not only taken the hassle away from me but given a highly professional consistent image for my business to grow from.