Emarketing Success With Emarketing Scotland Is ‘Simply Affordable’

Emarketing Scotland are based in central Scotland in Kinross.
We have extensive experience in the Hospitality and Entertainment industries.

David Mundell has over 40 years experience within the Hotel Industry. Having trained with British Transport Hotels in the seventies, he went on to manage various properties in the private sector culminating in managing a Timeshare Resort in Cornwall, before buying his own small Country Inn in Scotland.

During this time within the hospitality industry he created a niche market, capitalising Live Music as the vehicle to do this. He has promoted some of the most legendary Artists from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Marketing was of primary importance during this time and he has used ‘Constant Contact’ since 2004.

Clients come to EMS because:

> they often feel frustrated that they do not have the time to develop and implement a consistent email marketing campaign.

> they feel they lack the skills needed to produce their online marketing.

> they are losing business and want to hand the reins to us so they can spend their time ‘on the floor’ with their customers.

Since 2004, we have been using ‘Constant Contact’ and we believe it is the best of all the emarketing companies currently in operation. We have identified that a vast number of businesses have yet to implement an online marketing plan.. We are a small dedicated company. We’re not for everyone. However, we truly enjoy working with companies and individuals who want to boost their businesses yet keeping everything fun, simple, creative and understandable.

Creating a sustained email marketing campaign is an essential tool for any business. It is targeted, cost effective and can easily be a turnkey process that produces increased results.

Email Marketing by Constant Contact® is the easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members. You’ll create high-impact, professional-looking emails—quickly and with no technical expertise. Contact Emarketing Scotland to learn more. And, most importantly, you’ll build strong connections with your audience that lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.