Marketing Tips / The Most Common Mistakes

Marketing Tips / The Most Common Mistakes

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips. Plan….make sure you you create your own Marketing Plan. Read More Below…

The Most Common Mistakes/Marketing Tips

1) My Company is too small and we cannot afford this. / Take advice and take action!

Very often we hear that an individual thinks that their new business or enterprise is too small to adopt an Emarketing Plan. WRONG! Start off on the right foot with an effective plan and it will brings results. For the price of two print adverts, you would be able to form an annual Emarketing Budget. Act NOW…what are you waiting for????

2) keep is simple and easy to understand. / Create a Marketing Plan.

There are many so called ‘Experts’ out there! Beware of the company or individual that use excessive jargon and spin. Look through their bluster and often you will find that very little is being done and being achieved!

3) Make time and make your Marketing Plan sustainable. / Time Management!

To create an Emarketing Plan is not difficult. Adhering to a regular action plan can be, so keep it simple. You can add to the plan once you have it up and running for a few months.

4) Engage both your Customers & Staff. / Make sure you take time to involve both.

Too many businesses do not take the time to engage both customers and staff alike. Engagement is the Key to Emarketing success.

5) Measure and monitor your results. / Adjust accordingly.

There are many Emarketing platforms out there. I’m sure that you believe that your business is the best so it would appear to be common sense to use the best Emarketing platform for your business. In our opinion nobody can match Constant Contact. Talk to us and we will tell you why!

6) Our Company is a big operation and this appears too simplistic. / Review your ACTUAL effectiveness.

Too many times we have seen large operations who are NOT using their database, engaging their staff or indeed their customers. To those businesses we say ‘Back To Basics’ and ‘Attention To Detail’ !

7) Review  and improve. / Ready to take the next stage?

There are many add ons after you have been operating your new Emarketing Plan for a number of Months. MarketMeSuite comes high on our list…..More later!

Contact Emarketing Scotland for a further conversation and take your business to the next level. Email HERE

Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

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