Start Your Marketing Plan Today

Start Your Marketing Plan Today

Its a New Year and what better time is there than to review your Sales and Marketing Plans. I want to say that its probably YOU that I want to talk to!

I am always surprised as many Inn Keepers, Hoteliers (Both large and small) and Cafe owners actually do very little when it comes to a Marketing Plan. Not me, not me I hear you say. We are living in very very challenging times and cashflow is tight. No one can afford to implement some high cost initiative that in all probability will cease to exist within three months because it was too complicated and involved.

Country Inn
Country Inn

Lets all be sensible here and be honest with what you actually do or more to the point what you are not doing when it comes down to Marketing your Business.

I have a very simple solution to your problems and I will suggest an action plan for you TODAY that you can try on a free trial basis.

How many of you actually collect and use emails as part of an ongoing marketing plan for your own business? Very few of you actually do I’m afraid. We are constantly asked about advertising and costs are always around the £450 mark. Its alot of cash when you think that really you don’t know how effective it was and its a one off publication which cannot be measured.

Country Inn / Email Marketing
Country Inn / Email Marketing

I recommend wholeheartedly that you use an Email Marketing platform that in actual fact more than that and its very very cost effective and will produce RESULTS!

I’ll tell you why I know…..its because I have been using this platform for my businesses since 2004. Constant Contact is the BEST and you should try it TODAY on a free trial.

I bought my own small country Inn during early 1999. Yes I was the same as everyone else with advertising and standard mail shots that are very difficult to measure their effectiveness and of course its expensive. Then in 2004 a friend of mine showed me Constant Contact and I havee to say I never looked back (This is NOT a sales pitch by the way!!!). By collecting my customers email addresses I could then communicate events, restaurant news as well as who had been visiting us during the week. I could then target slow nights and sell tickets for me Live Music programme. Too good to be true???? No, its brilliant. It is cost effective, covers email marketing, social media and surveys and polls. All results are measured and its cost effective as you only pay for the size of your database. You can try Mailchimp and some of the other platforms but NONE of them come anywhere near Constant Contact. And I’ll also say that if you have a problem putting an email together you can ring them up 24/7 and actually speak to a human!!!

You can sign up now for your free trial. Do so and you will see an increase in turnover and brand awareness. Sign Up Here!!!


David Mundell

Emarketing Scotland / Emarketing Success

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